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The FGT Approach

FGT has developed a methodology based on our approach to management, that is by project and by results. Practical, simple and effective, our methodology guides you in the implementation and consolidation of a practice aimed at achieving fixed objectives and desired results.

Our  pragmatic approach has been nurtured and tested over the last 25 years:
Success in management by results is measured on  8 critical Success factors


To date, FGT has trained with success more than 20,000 people in Quebec, Canada, Europe, United States and the Caribbean.
FGT offers you the opportunity to gain from this training program, aimed at helping you reach your objectives and improve your skills in the areas of Project management, definition and implementation of your Strategy , in the Team Management , as well as your own personal skills and Leadership
To do so, FGT harnesses the expertise of its consultants-trainers, all strong with real and pertinent personal experiences, both in the classrooms as well as within the various industries. Excellent speakers and facilitators, they ensure, through a precise vocabulary and a unique pedagogical approach, that the proposed workshops always reflect the "real life".  They, thereby ensure the immediate implementation and consolidation of your learning, and ensure that they respond to your needs.
For a better service, FGT offers to train you directly with your teams, "at home" in your company.  We will adapt ourselves to your organization's culture and environment. In this case, our consultant-trainer will visit your organization, meet some participants and adapt the material and his examples to ensure relevance. Our customized trainings allow for effective integration of our approach focused on the success of your projects, and guarantee a maximizing return on investment for your organization.
For smaller groups, we also provide training in the form of public courses in our own facilities. These are available on a regular basis to groups of participants from various organizations.
In both cases, the groups generally do not exceed 12 people, which allows for a better exchange between the participants and the facilitator.