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Our Difference


FGT is the Leader in training and Project Management's field. Its distinctive image flows from the following:

Management by projects and by results

FGT believes in the success of organizations based on managing by projects and by results. It is all the more important that each of our actions can deliver for our client a concrete, almost immediate and measurable improvement in profit and in project management  indicators.

The experience and expertise of our consultants -instructors

Each of FGT's instructor has over 25 years of experience and expertise of project management  in various industries such as marketing, IT, Finance) Their practical knowledge and experience is enhanced by an excellent ability to communicate, within a consulting mandate as well as in a classroom setting.

Response to accelerating change

FGT helps his clients to adapt themselves by using modern management methods, in rapidly changing environment. The quick and flexible adaptations to changes are, indeed, the key in the success of nowadays organizations.



- A word from our President -  

  «The world as we know it is undergoing radical changes. Modern organization must develop their abilities to adapt to these accelerated changes in their field. 




At FGT, we believe that business success flows from a new management philosophy: Project Management and Management by Results. We are convinced that efficient management by projects will guarantee both concrete results and the high degree of flexibility that is indispensable to sustainable growth in today's world.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing quality training, project management and strategic consulting services that are adapted to their needs, competitively priced and focused on results.»       

Our  Commitment
Our consultants and coaches are careful not to place themselves or FGT in a position of conflict of interest. We manage every contract assigned to us with a commitment to ensuring that:
  • There is no conflict of interest with contracts for competing organizations;
  • Every step of our involvement is carried out with full integrity and confidentiality to guarantee the healthy management of the client's project;
  • The client is actively involved in the contract. Our role is to provide guidance and monitoring.