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Whatever the type of intervention conducted among our customers, whether the implementation of a project office or the development of a method, our approach is so dynamic and practical:

  1. Identification and clarification of the client's mission and success indicators
  2. Review or identification of all project supporting business objectives
  3. Deliverables' identification
  4. Profit Management that enables to consolidate the initial assumptions, namely the short, medium and long term.

Our customers attest a significant improvement in productivity as a result of their partnership with FGT.
La Gestion Par Projets
On Time Within Budget Quality and Functionality Meet Business Objectives Client Satisfaction Management Satisfaction Team Satisfaction Final Evaluation
At FGT, we believe that the success of our organization depends on a well-founded management philosophy:
Management by projects and by results.

-Deliver the "8"-    

Indeed, we are convinced that an effective management by projects ensures real, measurable results and great flexibility, indispensable today for a consistent growth.

How do you define success in project management? At FGT, we developed our own practical and relevant definition: projects delivered successfully have to adhere to our 8 Critical Success Factors

Thus our practical philosophy: Deliver the 8, focuses on deliverables. Hence the term that we like to use: Project Delivery or Execution of a strategy.

Practical, simple and efficient, our method guides our clients implementing and maintaining an approach aiming to meet the objectives set and expected results.